2016 – The Year in Review


Like many of our clients, 2016 was a prosperous year for Cameron Carmichael. In our seven years as a firm, 2016 proved to be our most active, and one in which year over year growth was the highest. Across our practice areas, clients were optimistic and hired for growth and replacement. We are thankful for the opportunity to continue to partner with long-standing clients, as well as develop relationships with many new organizations. 

Below are a few key stats from the year and a brief on several of our practice areas.

• 17 new clients
• 16 Private Equity Firm Clients – 7 of which are new relationships
• 10 Healthcare Clients – 4 of which are new relationships
• 14 unique positions (Board, CEO, CFO, etc.)
• Searches performed across 10 states in the U.S.
• Candidates identified from more than 30 states

Private Equity Backed Companies
2016 was a very active year in our Private Equity practice. We performed 16 private equity backed company searches with 16 different Private Equity investors in seven states. Seven of these PEG’s were new relationships to the firm. The positions included Board members, as well as a variety of functional areas in the C-Suite such as Executive Management, Finance, Sales, Operations, Human Resources and Technology. However, the CFO position was far and away the highest in demand in 2016. Our clients are bullish on 2017 and have capital they plan to put to work. 

For the past several years, our Healthcare/NFP practice has grown steadily year over year. This trend continued in 2016, as we performed searches for hospital systems and NFP’s of varying sizes. An exciting indicator of our Healthcare Sector’s success and value to our clients is that the majority of our engagements were in the C-Suite. Roles recruited in 2016 included CEO, CFO, Strategy, Marketing, and Senior Financial Roles. Our Healthcare/NFP clients are also optimistic about 2017, and see the war for talent as a major concern as they look to the next five years. 

Public/Privately Owned – Manufacturing, Distribution, Business Services
Last year was especially active in the public/privately-owned (family owned/non-private equity backed) company sector. We worked with manufacturing, technology enabled business services, distribution, and technology companies in this practice area. We performed searches across the C-Suite, including Board, CEO, CFO, COO, as well the senior leaders in Sales, Marketing, Operations and Talent. 

Key Metrics
We continue to hear from our clients that our approach, process, relationships and delivery set us apart in the market, and our metrics reflect that performance. Our key metrics remain:
• 97% Completion Rate: Our 97% completion rate is significantly higher than the industry norm.
• 91% Accuracy: In more than 200 searches during the last five years, the successful candidate was contained within our initial slate 91% of the time.
• 81% Stick/Retention Rate: After three years in a position, 81% of our successful candidates are still on board. Most firms do not publish stick rates, let alone a three-year statistic.
• 74 Days: In the past two years, our average search completion cycle, from initiation until candidate acceptance averaged 74 days. Our process is more efficient, effective and predictable than other executive search firms.
• Quality = 1% Redo Rate: In the past 300 engagements over the past ten years, our partners have redone only one percent of our searches. We won’t introduce a candidate until we’re convinced it’s the right match – for everyone.

Should you have the need to recruit a senior executive to your organization, we hope you will reach out to engage us in the discussion about achieving similar game-changing results.

Steven Mast