One Bad Tweet


I recently read an article in USA Today titled “One Bad Tweet Can Be Costly To A Student Athlete.” . With a sophomore in High School, an article like this grabs my attention. As a retained executive recruiter, I see many parallels in the business world. Just as coaches monitor tweets, Facebook, Instagram and other social media outlets, recruiters and savvy companies do as well. In today’s world, it is part of due diligence and another reference point in developing a complete picture of a candidate.

As part of our search process at Cameron Carmichael, we check Facebook, tweets, LinkedIn, etc. on every candidate who meets a client. And yes, we have cut good candidates because of something we discovered on social media. If a potential CEO, CFO, COO, CXO is going to use social media to post inappropriate material, what does that say about his/her judgment?

In our ever connected world, we must constantly remind ourselves that our actions and perspectives are in view to those around us. Social media is not always the right place to express ourselves. As mom used to say, “if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

Steven Mast