With almost a century of combined search experience, Cameron Carmichael has helped companies build strong, high-performing management teams.

Cameron Carmichael works with private equity backed companies, family-owned businesses, regional healthcare systems, hospitals and physician practices, financial services firms, non-profit organizations and Fortune 500 companies. Our experience spans a range of industries, including manufacturing and distribution, business services, technology, healthcare, real estate, hospitality, consumer products, financial services, arts & culture, health & human services, and more.


Key Statistics



In more than 150 searches during the last five years, the successful candidate was contained within our initial slate 90% of the time.


Contacts, Network and Tools:
With a proprietary database and subscriptions to the most powerful commercial online research applications, Cameron Carmichael possesses the knowledge and tools necessary to access, source, and identify the best candidates.


Completion Rate:
Our 97% completion rate is significantly higher than the industry norm.

74 Days

Search Duration:
Since 2013, our average search took 74 days from the start of the search to when a candidate accepted the position.


Since our inception, we have redone only one percent of our searches. We do not introduce a candidate until we are convinced it is the right match – for everyone.


Stick/Retention Rate:
After three years in a position, 82% of our successful candidates are still on board. Most firms do not publish stick rates, let alone a three year statistic.


Over 80% of our searches are either repeat clients or referrals from a past client, reference, candidate, or board member with whom we have developed a relationship. We are only as good as our last search.


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