Defining Characteristics


Top Performing

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Cameron Carmichael resulted from the alignment of the city’s top performing executive search consultants who bring combined experience of more than 80 years in executive retained search.


Extensive Network

We have an extensive database and network of leaders developed from diverse searches conducted over more than fifteen years, which provides us with unlimited access to top national/regional/local talent.”


Off-resume Qualities

We focus our search methodology to address professional competencies and experience, as well as issues related to the client’s organization, culture, and markets served – paying strict attention to the “off-resume” qualities of culture and fit – the greatest variable to long-term success.



We are a multi-specialty firm by design, with each partner and consultant possessing specific industry expertise.


Partner Involvement

A Partner is actively involved and directly responsible for all aspects of the search process – we do not employ junior associates. The person that you meet will be the one conducting your engagement.


Clear Process

We define a clear timeline and strategy for each search, providing regular communication and transparency to the process while establishing an environment of confidence for success.


Executive Leadership Focus

Our focus is on executive leadership, focusing on the C-suite and their direct reports.


Unlimited Access

We have minimal “off-limits” requirements which provide clients with broad and virtually unlimited access to top talent on a regional and nationwide basis.



We work hard to earn your trust and represent you in a manner that reflects the highest levels of integrity, honesty, and results achieved under the highest ethical standards.

Firm History


Cameron Carmichael’s founders are graduates of two big-time college rivals – Duke University and The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Our firm is named after the legendary basketball stadiums found on each campus: Cameron Indoor Stadium and Carmichael Auditorium. While it may be hard to believe that a Blue Devil and a Tar Heel could co-exist, Gary and Rich have worked together since 2000, and they welcomed another Tar Heel when Martin joined the firm in 2011. Just like the passion, drive and teamwork found on the historic courts of their alma maters, Cameron Carmichael is innovating the way leading companies search and retain game-changing talent.



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